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The Christian Bale drama. . .

July 23, 2008

OK. . . so I haven’t reported on the Christian Bale incident, but because it seems there is new information happening on the hour about the incident between Christian and his mother and sister.

As it was mentioned yesterday on all media channels yesterday, there might be some bitterness between Bale and his mother, a former clown.

When Bale’s parent’s divorced years ago, his mom forced him to choose which parent he wanted to live with.

Christian moved to L.A. and chose his dad, who later became his manager.

And as for the police charges, Bale’s camp believes it is most likely motivated by money.

Apparently his mother was “extremely jealous of both his and his dad’s success.”

As for the “assault” that took place last Sunday at his hotel room, it’s been reported there was some psychical contact, but nothing violent. It’s being described as either a push or a brush, though no one was hurt or even fell.

However, his people still believe the main reason behind filing the charges is purely financial reasons.

As of today, some magazines have already been offering large amounts of money for the mom and sister’s story. . so maybe it was for the money after all!

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  1. July 24, 2008 12:58 pm

    Bale seems too in-control of himself and too smart to ever physically go after anyone

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