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FRESH MUSIC: Whitney Houston – Like I Never Left

July 28, 2008

Whitney Houston joins forces with hitmaker Akon to bring you some new music. “Like I Never Left” is a cool mid-tempo love song, but it’s still not the same Whitney. I don’t think she will ever be the same (which sucks – but oh well). Take a listen and let the aGEnT know

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  1. Charden permalink
    July 28, 2008 5:33 pm

    I hate to be a Chatty Cathy but no one else seems to post. LOL!


    I love the song. I am thinking that she sounds remarkable considering what her voice has been through. She appears to be back at her “My Love is Your Love” days, which is still light years beyond anyone that’s been out there since her departure. Even without the damage, she would not sound the way she did in her twenties at this point in her career. So, we are blessed to have her in recovery, if at all. Drugs can kill. I wish her continued success in her recovery in every area of her life.

    I had my thryoid removed and my vocal chords were severely damaged during surgery. It took near six months to begin speaking again and nearly two years to sing in a high note. I am still not able to scream, if startled. But, its all coming back in little spurts every few months or so. I feel Whitney’s recovery will be the same. Vocal chords are delicate and “tempermental”.

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