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The View clashes over McCain. . .again!

July 31, 2008
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  1. Dan permalink
    August 1, 2008 5:17 pm

    I have no problem with differences of opinion and supporting other candidates. However, I have watched The View from the beginning and my wife and I will no longer watch the show period. A number of our friends, of both parties will no longer watch it, for one reason, Elisabeth Hasselbeck is an uninformed rich little girl who adds nothing to the show. Having both parties and people supporting two candidates is the foundatin of our country. If a worm was running for the republicans she would support them.

    Unfortunately the show has become nothing but a bunch of commercials, Barbara hawking her book, her interviews and her getting gushy about Bill Geddie. Are we going to see volume 2 of her book and how she and Bill carried on?

    This show was incredible for the content, the discussions and the fun. Since Meredith left it gets worse and worse. Whoopie, thank god is intelligent and gives Joy and Sherri the opporunity to speak intelligently. The minute there is a disagreement Mother Barbara calls in at commercial to ensure they kiss and make up.

    The big problem is Elisabeth. If she suppots this war so much, why is she not in Iraq herself or rich husband give up his football career to become a soldier.

    Thanks for the memories View, it was fun, but time to watch something else.

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