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FRESH DESIGN: Dee & Ricky Jackson – Lego Fashion Accessories

October 8, 2008

New York’s latest creative duo are whipping up handmade belts perfect for both the fashionable you, and your little brother!

19-year-old twins, Dee & Ricky Jackson, have been a part of downtown’s back drop since modeling for a handful of streetwear brands that started picking them out of the scenery. 5 years ago they began designing belts with XBox game controller buckles as part of a marketing scheme for the gaming system. Evolving their idea, the Staten Island boys are now creating versions of their belts using other brands’ controllers and mini Etch-A-Sketches, but their big break looks like its on the verge of happening right as we speak!

“We met Marc Jacobs through his boyfriend Jason Preston at a party in the Hamptons… Jason was feeling the belts so we gave him a couple. He showed Marc and Marc called us up personally, going crazy like ‘I want these belts for my show for fashion week!’”

Dee & Ricky’s Lego version belt and buckles appeared in the Marc by Marc Spring 2008 show in several forms including brooches, barrettes, and bolos and immediately became a favorite of Kanye West. Currently the twins are ironing out details for an exclusive deal with the luxury designer. They’ve already created a solid gold version of their Lego buckle and are currently working on several other big projects.

Dee & Ricky are keeping a tight lid on their creations but you can find them at Kid Robot and Colette (Paris). They will also take special orders via email:

Visit them online:

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