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Obama vs. McCain – Take II

October 8, 2008

If you were not included in the over 50 million people who tuned in to watch the 2nd showdown between Senators Barack Obama and John McCain then you simply do not care about this country.

In a townhall themed debate – both candidates weighed in on the economy, national security and our overwhelming energy crisis. From my personal opinion – I felt as if John McCain needed to win this debate and not just by a little – but by a HUGE margin. . . and he didn’t. His behavior was erratic and he seemed to be on the defensive throughout the debate.

In Debate II, John McCain twice laid out the criteria for how the American people should judge the candidates: In tough times, we need someone with a steady hand on the tiller. By that measure, Obama was the clear winner. He was centered where McCain was scattered. Forceful where McCain was forced. Presidential where McCain was petulant.

In the first debate, McCain wouldn’t look at Obama. In this one, he referred to him as “that one.” The contempt was palpable, and unpalatable. At the end of the debate, Brokaw asked McCain to get out of the way of his Teleprompter. He might as well have been speaking on behalf of the future: Senator McCain can you please get out of the way so we can get on with it?

The winner – ‘That One’

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