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The man was robbed. . .

October 9, 2008

Some of you may know this – but I’m a Project Runway fanatic! I’m a religious watcher and for the most part, believe in most of their decisions on who should be ‘auf’d’. BUT NOT LAST NIGHT!! Last night, the Project Runway judges decided to send home Jerell from Houston, TX based on their wedding design challenge last night. WTF?! Did they not see the atrocity Korto sent down the runway?!

To be fair – they did allow Jerell to show his designs during NY Fashion Week – however, they will not be seen on the show. I just hope they get a little better at their decision making once they move the show over to Lifetime next season. . .

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  1. October 9, 2008 3:33 pm

    ok, I wasn’t mad at Jerell’s wedding dress. As im a fan of anything bedazzled. I too agree with the yuckiness that was Korto’s dress. I do tho think that Jerell will be fine w/o ProjRunway. Its crazy cuz Leanne (sp?) works my damn nerves but I’m loving the waves theme of her collection. oh and DO NOT get me started on Henley/Kenley…whatever that chicks name is.

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