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FRESH COVER: Jennifer Anniston – GQ

December 11, 2008


At first I didn’t know if this was GQ or Playboy – either way, Jennifer Anniston looks damn good. I think this is probably the best she’s looked in a while. I guess the relationship with John Mayer really is doing her well. In her new cover-story interview with GQ magazine, Jennifer Aniston reveals just how much she speaks with Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie — and clears up the rumors surrounding her and John Mayer!

“We don’t not talk,” Jennifer says of her current relationship with ex-hubby Brad. “When there’s something to congratulate or celebrate, there’s always an exchange. But there’s no charge on it,” she tells the mag.

Asked why she thinks magazines continue to speculate about her ties to Brad and Angelina, Jen says: “The funny thing is that people don’t realize we all go away to the Hamptons on the weekends” — a response which prompts the interviewer to ask: Is she being serious??

“No,” a joking Jen reveals. “But can you imagine? That’d be hysterical: I’ve got Zahara on my hip, and Knox…”

As for whether she actually speaks with Angelina: “No, Nuh-uh,” Jen says.

Finally, the ‘Marley & Me’ beauty gives GQ the low-down on her relationship with rocker John Mayer: “We care deeply for each other, and we’re just trying to figure it out,” she says, adding: “I am not having his baby. And I have not popped the question.”

For the full interview, check out the January issue of GQ, on newsstands December 23.

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