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august 14 + history = this day in history

August 14, 2009


This is one moment in history I experienced first hand. It’s another one of those moments that you won’t forget…the largest Blackout in American history. It all happened on August 14th at around 4:11PM Eastern Standard Time. I was living in New York at the time and on a conference call in the Financial District with individuals located in Hell’s Kitchen, Ft. Greene Brooklyn, and Harlem. While on the call, I noticed that the power went out in our building – but of course the phones were still operating. I remember telling my colleagues on the phone – ‘hold on for a minute guys – the power went out in our building. . . should be back up soon’. Then I remember everyone saying the same thing in their respective places.

Now you have to understand that New Yorkers at the time were very jittery since we had just experienced 9/11 – and since I had a personal experience with 9/11 – I never took coincidences lightly. I literally ran down the 32 flight of stairs in World Financial Center in 38 seconds (I had already mapped it out) and luckily got a ride across the Brooklyn Bridge to get home to Brooklyn.

After realizing what happened – the evening actually turned out to be quite entertaining with most neighbors having a Blackout Block Party by grilling any and everything that could possibly spoil. That is why to this day I love New Yorkers. . .we have knack at turning scary situations into entertaining and fun-filled ones.

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