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hill harper + ideas on black family and relationships = new book (the conversation)

September 8, 2009


Only 34 percent of African- American children today are raised in two-parent households, a sharp contrast to 1966, when 85 percent of black children were raised by two parents. In provocative but heartfelt words, Hill Harper takes on these urgent challenges, bringing a variety of issues out of the shadows. In The Conversation, Harper speaks to women and men with clear-eyed perspective, covering topics such as:

• The roots of the breakdown in the black family
• The myth that there are no mature, single, black male professionals
• What women can do to alleviate the “heaviness” they sometimes attach to dating
• What men can do to break the cycle of being a player
• The difference between sex and intimacy
• Bridging the communication gap
• Self-worth and net worth, and why you should never settle for an unworthy partner

Capturing the conversations Harper and his friends frequently have, this is destined to be one of the year’s most talked- about books—and one of Harper’s most healing contributions to black America.

The Conversation can be purchased TODAY!


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