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POTUS speech + joe wilson = total disrespect

September 10, 2009


Dear Congressman Joe Wilson-

Here’s the deal. As I was watching the President of the United States deliver his address to Congress, I was not distracted by his take on healthcare reform or even by those of the GOP who ‘respectfully’ kept their seat when they disagreed with some of his sentiments (which is a tradition of sorts in our political world) – but I was distracted by your unbelievable disrespect to President Obama. Your outburst, be it passionate or not, displayed to me that you do not consider him the Commander in Chief, but possibly a colleague or better yet, a black man. Such an outburst would not have occured with President George W. Bush, although sometimes he deserved it, because we as Americans (and especially you as an elected official) respected him as his title upholds…the President.

Your quick apology with your regrets mean absolutely nothing to me. I think you are a total disgrace to our country. If you feel as if you can disrespect our President as an United States elected official, then what will stop someone in another country or government to do the same.

Resign sir.


The aGEnT

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