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mj tribute + a whole lot of foolishness = 2009 mtv vma’s

September 14, 2009


As we all know by now, last night was the great return of MTV Video Music Awards in New York City last night. The night started off with the most talked about performance leading up to the show of Janet Jackson paying tribute to her brother, the King of Pop. I must admit that the show started off with this amazing energy and I thought that the show was going to be an amazing one. I mean, it was quite a year in music and music videos for that matter – especially with the rise of Beyonce and Single Ladies and newcomer Lady Gaga – I knew that the night was going to be electric.


What is this I see. Kanye West interrupting Taylor Swift as she was accepting her Best Female Video award? WTF? Are you serious Kanye?? Here’s my issue. We, as pop culture enthusiasts, respect you. Ego and all. But you currently feel as if you can do and say whatever you want and that has me concerned. I think you were superbly rude and immature by interrupting a 17 year-old as she accepted her first Moonman Award for your foolery and in a category that you were not even nominated!! You are a grown-ass man!! Start acting like one!! And not even your ALL CAPS apology can make-up for the embarrassment you caused Ms. Swift. Fool.


Lady Gaga. Wow. Beyonce. Uber Wow.


What is this? Lil Mama? I can’t.

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