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where the wild things are + weekend box office = monstrous opening!

October 18, 2009


Movie goers went wild for director Spike Jonez’ highly anticipated film ‘Where the Wild Things Are,’ making it the No. 1 movie at the weekend box office and grossing $32.5 million.

‘Law Abiding Citizen’ came in at No. 2 this weekend, bringing in $21.3 million. In the film, Gerard Butler‘s character is out for revenge after his family is brutally killed and Jamie Foxx, who plays the lawyer who he believes betrays him, is his No. 1 target.

The thriller film ‘Paranormal Activity’ made $20.2 million, coming in at No. 3.

Vince Vaughn‘s comedy ‘Couples Retreat’ brought in $17.9 million, while the horror flick ‘Stepfather’ — starring “Gossip Girl” actor Penn Badgley and “Nip/Tuck” actor Dylan Walsh — grossed $12.3 million.


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