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kanye + matt + pres. bush = awkward interview

November 11, 2010

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Check out the interview Matt Lauer conducted with Kanye West on the Today Show regarding his comments about President Bush during the Hurricane Katrina tragedy.

As I try to be careful to not pen anyone as one thing or the other – I can relate and understand as to why Kanye made his comment that ‘President Bush doesn’t care about Black people.” Emotions were high during that time – especially within the African-American community and a lot of us, maybe not in such a public manner, felt the same way that Kanye portrayed. We were hurt and YES, we did feel as if it was a race and class issue in regards to the response of this country to Hurricane Katrina.

Although I feel as if Kanye handled this interview in an odd manner – I’m not sure if he should regret the comments he made during that time. I’m not sure as to how other individuals who were not of African descent responded to the images that poured in during that time – but those of us who are felt a certain disdain and anger when it came to our government and its’ leaders.

[Video] Intenses Kanye West’s interview on the …, posted with vodpod
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