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hipster + girls = gq’s guide to hipster girls (uk edition)

November 18, 2010

GQ (UK) recently featured a ‘Guide to Hipster Girls’ in their November issue. I must admit that it is quite entertaining to read and more truthful than first anticipated. It takes you through ‘hipster girls’ crushes, the top 10 hipster girls, their reading list and even their lexicon. Take a look at an excerpt below:

Import Girl

What: As all Hipster Girls know, there’s nothing cooler than foreign. Import Girl takes it to the next level by consuming only products from distant climes: the harder an item is to get hold of, the more exclusive. As the Hipster Girl look is plundered by more companies, Import Girl fights style homogeny by getting her cousin in New York, or her pal in Hong Kong, or a stranger she’s just messaged on Craigslist who lives in Goa, to FedEx her cigarettes, jeans, T-shirts, headphones, iPhone covers, herbal tea – anything, so long as you can’t buy it in Britain. Why drink normal Coke when you can drink Coca-Cola from Cairo, right? All products must remain unopened for as long as possible to guarantee “authenticity” and maximum exposure to the rest of the Hipster pack.

Drink of choice: Beer from the Gaza Strip. “Do you know how difficult this stuff is to get hold of?” Plus, wine is for old people.

Characteristics: Import Girl is impressed by nothing. Or rather, nothing she doesn’t own or bring to the party herself. She is the master of the snarly put-down, and keeps her place atop the Hipster pile through scorn and derision aimed at all. No matter what the subject of conversation, Import Girl has already seen it, done it, smoked it, heard it, bought it, shagged it. If you’re not first, you’re nobody; or, as Import Girl would say, “nada”, which is foreign for “quantity of no importance”. Or something.

Likes: VIP areas in festivals; Soho House Berlin (despite never having been a member); the Sing Star Karaoke tent at Glastonbury; pints; Mephedrone (or whatever the latest about-to-be-huge party drug is); American Spirit cigarettes; “901” tequila ( Justin Timberlake’s homebrew); Taiwanese Pringles; biker boots from Fred Segal in LA; men with beards (bonus points if they have an accent); ironic tattoos of Pixar characters.

Dislikes: Other girls.

For the full article – please check out (UK)

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