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i’m thankful.

November 25, 2010

I was thinking about this past year and thought about all the bad things that happened to me this year. I thought about being unemployed for most of the year. I thought about the estranged relationship between my family and I. I thought about losing some amazing friends. I thought about temporary losing the use of my leg (broke my ankle). I thought about all those things and for a moment I didn’t necessarily want to give ‘thanks’ for such an emotional and financially draining year.

But then I thought a little more…

I thought that I still had a place to lay my head. I thought about no matter how dark my financial situation I was able to stay fed and clothed. I thought about my strong mind and will as well as my good health. I thought about the new friendships forged. I thought about the terrible situations I was involved in and how I got out without any harm or danger. I thought about life and that I’m still here living it.

Its really easy for us to think about all the things that are not necessarily going our way in our lives. Its easy to simply stay in that place of sadness and depression. I’m thankful that I don’t like things easy. I’m thankful for the fight. The fight in me to not stay down but to simply get up – no matter how slow or fast.

I’m simply thankful.

Happy Thanksgiving.

The aGEnT

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