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August 6, 2009

There are many things I could say about my friend QUDDUS (all good I must add) – but one thing that comes to mind is ‘happy’. He is truly genuinely happy at least 97% of the time. Always seem to be smiling at someone or something and doesn’t really stress about the small stuff. For some of you who may not know him – you must not have watched MTV from 2000 -2007 or Access Hollywood or CW’s Girlfriends. What rock were (are) you under?

He’s my multi-talented friend who is an actor, host of the mostest, and even a manager of my good friend MATEO. He gives us our soundtrack for the summer (which you can download right here) as well as provides us with substantial information on our world today on his blog The Q Side. He’s a supporter of many charitable organizations across the nation – but most importantly, he likes to have fun with his friends. If you want to stay connected with my Canadian friend – be sure to follow him on Twitter at @iamquddus

Check out QUDDUS in the video above as he lays down the law on BSP – Black Star Power.

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